Who we are ?

Gasy Adventure Tours is a young experienced local Tour Operator based in Antananarivo. Most of its English Speaking Tour Guides have their own experience in a specific domain like Plants, Culture, Bird, Reptiles and Amphibians, Insects. Briefly, Wildlife and Culture are the centre our interests.

The idea was gushing out from the point that the unemployment rate in Madagascar is too low and we want to provide the younger generation a job. To start with, the CEO of Gasy Adventure Tours Mr Rene Fulgence Tovondrainy created an English Institute in Antananarivo back to 2011. Many students succeedede in mastering English language skills but still face up to unemployment so far. Then comes the idea to create a Guidance Technique Academy where students are trained to be a professionnal Tour Guide

Those students are abide by the rules that every single student have to do an internship in Tour Operator, which is the rease of Gasy Adventure Tours. Therefore, Gasy Adventure Tours will provide you Tour Guides that are highly trained and strongly selected to be operational for any overseas’ guests.

We will focus more on Adventure Tours as the real beauty of this big island is behind this Adventure of a lifetime. Madagascar is an under developing country, so you have to expect a lack of infrastructure. Gasy Adventure Tours promote sustainable development as we work closely with local staff and partners as well as provide local food and local material. Our aim is to make Tourism more profitable for the local population through all aspects.